A mural for the adventurers

A mural for the adventurers

A restaurant for those who wants to enjoy the taste of food prepared with conscience


 They focus on food as a source of life to offer high quality products served with attention and joy.

They seek to pamper their clients through a warm and authentic environment, where family and friends can enjoy exquisite natural flavors, immersed in a natural surrounding that makes them feel part of the Costa Rican Páramos’s ecosystem.

The quetzal, the gray fox and the hummingbird are some of the animals belonging to this tropical life zone, surrounded by evergreen vegetation and exotic plants.

The illustration was worked in a fairly synthesized way, illustrated in Procreate on an Apple iPad Pro, using a line style suitable for large-scale reproduction, and subsequently painted on the wall with high-quality HD color paints, taking into consideration the chromatic palette of the brand and also, starring the logo’s isotype as the focal point of the illustration.

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